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The Spicy Camp Cookbook

Named BEST BOOK by the Florida Outdoor Writers Association

Who says camp food has to be dull? With M. Timothy O'Keefe's Spicy Camp Cookbook, you can turn a humdrum meal into a fiesta of flavors. From Banana Rum Omelette and Jamaican Rum Toast to Blackened Tuna over Pasta and Baba Ghanoush, these recipes will put oomph into your outdoor meals. In addition to the recipes, O'Keefe offers tips on repackaging food to save on weight and space, as well as advice on how to plan meals and carry all that food around. Whether you are backpacking in the Appalachians, camping on the Rockies, or RVing near the seashore, Spicy Camp Cookbook is for you.

(ISBN 089732188X) Menasha Ridge Press

From the Amazon.com Review Site:

Five stars - Delicious and easy to prepare recipes, April 11, 2002

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA
One of the highlights of outdoor recreation is eating around the campfire. Timothy O'Keefe's The Spicy Camp Cookbook is a wonderful compendium of delicious and easy to prepare recipes especially suited to just such occasions. From Greek-Style Meatballs; Dogs on a Stick; and London Broil with Mustard Marinade; to Spicy Oriental Baked Chicken; Sour Cream French Apple Cobbler; and Spicy Popcorn, The Spicy Camp Cookbook will soon become a camping out favorite! In addition to the wealth of recipes, O'Keefe has included invaluable suggestions on repackaging food to save on weight and space; advice on how to plan meals; an Equivalent Measure and Conversion Chart; as well as a thorough and "user friendly" index. If you are going camping, whether on foot, horseback, canoe, or RV, begin your trip planning by browsing through The Spicy Camp Cookbook!

Five stars - Not just for camping..., March 14, 2002

Reviewer: nsm1 from Valrico, FL USA
I enjoy reading an interesting cookbook, and Spicy Camp Cooking is filled with great recipes, information on menu planning, spices, cooking tips for camping, and a variety of foods to prepare. From appetizers, salads, stir fry, grilled meals, and desserts, this book has it all. O'Keefe knows that the culinary arts and a taste for spicier foods has been lacking in the outdoor recreation area. That void has been filled with his book. If you like to try new recipes with gourmet flair, but with a minimum of both time and ingredients, take a look at his book. Spicy roasted potatoes, spicy chicken stir fry, and sour cream French apple cobbler are just a few of the delights that await you when you open this book. Of course, limiting yourself to using this book while camping would be a waste of great food. These can all be made in your own comfortable kitchen. Bon appetit!

Five stars - Named "BEST BOOK" by the Florida Outdoor Writers Assoc., April 12, 2002

Reviewer: okeefeuw@aol.com from Florida
In this collection of recipes from around the world, spicy means "tasty," not hot. Perfect for campers, RVers, yachtsmen and the backyard cook. Outdoor writers probably spend more time with a camp stove than anyone, and judges for the Florida Outdoor Writers Assoc. named this the BEST BOOK of 1998.

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