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Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year
Florida with Georgia & Alabama Coasts

Named BEST BOOK by the Florida Outdoor Writers Association

The Travel Guide for Nature Lovers

Catch 12 months of nature’s beauty at its peak. Amateur naturalists of all stripes—bird-watchers, photographers, wildflower buffs and eco-travelers alike—will want to catch nature’s best shows in the region guided by award-winning travel author and photographer M. Timothy O’Keefe.

These are just a few examples of the dozens of possibilities described in detail.

  • Observe nesting bald eagles in January
  • Go birding in the Everglades in February
  • Stalk the wily armadillo in March
  • View nesting brown pelicans in April
  • Explore pristine tropical hammocks in May
  • Watch nesting sea turtles in June
  • Find red-cockaded woodpeckers in July
  • Track tiny key deer in August
  • Watch migrating hawks in September
  • Count countless migrating monarch butterflies in October
  • Photograph burrowing owls in November
  • Welcome white pelicans in December
Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year: Florida with Georgia and Alabama Coasts is part of the national series of guidebooks with a difference. A guide to natural events takes a when-to-go approach with the emphasis on timing according to season. This book will enable nature lovers to view first-hand many exciting natural events of the Southeast. (ISBN 1555912699) Fulcrum Publishing

“If you are wise enough to carry this wonderful guide, you will be able to find that ‘union of time, place and biological circumstance so delicate it takes one’s breath away.’”
National Geographic Traveler

From the Amazon.com Review Site:

Five stars - This is a guidebook with a difference!, April 28, 1999

Reviewer: An Amazon.com Customer
Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year, Florida is a guide to natural events that details not only where to go but when to go.

What's the best month to view manatees? When should I go crabbing and where? When and where is the autumn display most vibrant? Arranged by month, each of the twelve sections contains several detailed descriptions of exciting natural events of the region, from photo ops to festivals, ducks to lobsters, this is the nature lover's dream guide. Comprehensive maps, eye-catching photos, and thorough appendixes round out this volume.

Some of the events covered include observing wintering sandhill cranes, cypress tree swamps, herons, wood ducks, and brown pelicans, reef snorkeling, bog-dwelling carnivorous plants, underwater snowstorms, seafood festivals, and canoeing the Everglades.

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