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If I Were a Manatee

M. Timothy O'Keefe is author of several other popular Larsen's Outdoor Publishing books including "Manatees - Our Vanishing Mermaids", "Sea Turtles - Watchers' Guide", "Fish & Dive Florida and the Keys", and others. The award-winning journalist has authored some 12 books in all and thousands of magazine articles.

If I Were a Manatee is an educational and entertaining book filled with puzzles, riddles, mazes and word games, including spelling challenges and hidden messages, all with a manatee theme. These activities will help children learn how much an average manatee weighs, how fast manatees can swim, how many pounds of food a manatee eats each day, how long they have been on earth and many other fun facts about these gentle giants.

For ages 4-8

(ISBN 0936513500) Larsenís Outdoor Publishing
Illustrations by Debra Mullin

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