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Sea Turtles, The Watchers’ Guide

In its fifth printing!

This best selling book is now in its 10th printing!

Watch one of nature’s greatest spectacles as female sea turtles of up to 2,000 pounds ponderously crawl ashore night after night on beaches throughout the Southeast from May to September. Each turtle has the same single-minded goal: to bury its eggs and return to the sea before daylight. Witnessing a nesting turtle is a remarkably complete lesson in species survival. For most people, the sight and the sounds of the nesting process are an unforgettable phenomenon, an experience that never completely leaves them.

In Sea Turtles, The Watchers’ Guide , M. Timothy O’Keefe explains how you can enjoy one of the many turtle watching expeditions sponsored by reputable organizations. He also describes how sea turtles became endangered, their life cycle and how to identify the different species. This isn’t a textbook but an enjoyable read for anyone interested in our natural world.

(ISBN 0936513478) Larsen’s Outdoor Publishing

From the Amazon.com review site:

Five stars - The book has a lot of info on Sea Turtles, March 14, 1999

Reviewer: A reader
This book has information on how to identify a sea turtle, how they nest, where to see them nest, and how to help save the sea turtles. I learned a lot from this book, so I advise you to get it. I'm only 11, so it's hard for me to write more complicated than this, but the book was wonderful!!!

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