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Manatees, Our Vanishing Mermaids

This best selling book is now in its 10th printing!

Manatees are among nature’s strangest-looking animals. They’re also one of America’s most endangered mammals and were the basis for ancient tales of mermaids, the legendary creatures that were half-fish and half-human.

In Manatees, Our Vanishing Mermaids, learn why manatees many be living fossils, how habitat destruction threatens survival, why early explorers thought these “big beavers” had healing powers. Most of all, learn where to see manatees, even swim alongside them.

M. Timothy O’Keefe fell under the siren spell of the manatees in the 1970s. Beginning with articles and photos in The Florida Naturalist, the magazine of the Florida Audubon Society, he was among the first to attract national attention to the manatee’s plight. The Florida Audubon Society honored him with a special award for his sustained education efforts. His manatee photos have appeared worldwide, including National Geographic books, Time-Life Books, airline inflight magazines, textbooks and encyclopedias.

(ISBN 0-936513-43-8) Larsen’s Outdoor Publishing

From the Amazon.com review site:

Manatees - Vanishing Mermaids, April 26, 2000

Five stars - Reviewer: A reader from Mulberry, Florida
For the money, this is a great value. Very interesting, easy to read book for kids 9+ and adults interested in manatees, conservation and where to see them.

Introduction to the Endangered Manatee, July 4, 2000

Four stars - Reviewer: A reader from Florida, United States
Written and published in Florida, this small volume gives an excellent introduction to this subject. The text is accompanied by excellent black and white photographs throughout. Characteristics and an overview of the Manatee from a historical perspective is given briefly. Why this species is endangered is discussed. The habits and natural history is presented briefly. There is also an excellent section on where the Manatee can be viewed in Florida. For instance not many residents of the Tampa Bay Florida area know that Florida Power has a seasonal Manatee viewing center at the Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach, right outside Tampa. This is free to the public and during cold snaps large numbers of Manatees congregate at the warm water discharge. Also mentioned is "Snooty", perhaps the most famous Manatee in the world, right in Bradenton, Florida. Snooty has been in captivity since 1949 and has outlived most of his caretakers! All of this and more interesting facts are in this book. This book would be great for anyone planning a Florida vacation who would like to see these unique animals. It is easy to read, and would hold the interest of older children as well as adults.

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