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Want to explore boiling lakes, cool off beneath pristine waterfalls and indulge in real Caribbean cuisine? Then get out of the water, swap your swimsuit for hiking shorts, your flip flops for walking shoes and get into the islands.

As your hiking guide, M. Timothy O’Keefe takes you beyond the clamor and commercialism into the heart and soul of the largely ignored hinterlands of 30 spectacular islands. A 30-year veteran of the Caribbean, O’Keefe not only details hundreds of hikes, he also lays bare the practical points of being a visitor to the islands rather than a tourist. (ISBN 0897324129)

“This book is as necessary as bug repellent and bottled water” Travel Weekly

From the Chicago Tribune
Here’s something a bit different and long overdue: a hiking and walking guide to the Caribbean that specifically caters to the tourist trade. For as author M. Timothy O’Keefe points out, it has been only fairly recently that Caribbean governments have realized the economic value of ecotourism. The book covers all the major port cities and features almost 400 detailed descriptions of hiking: on beaches, through rain forests, and across mountain peaks. Rather than ask that you simply take his word, O’Keefe tells why he liked or disliked a particular city or trail. He also rates the hikes according to level of difficulty and includes a descriptive list of the Caribbean’s top 10 hikes, from the Dominican Republic to St. Kitts. Each country is accompanied by a chart of essential information, from getting there and getting around to safety/health warnings and hiking and walking services.

From Outside Magazine
“You haven’t experienced the Caribbean until you know what an island tastes like, what it sounds like, what it smells like and how it feels—including its mud and thorns,” writes M. Timothy O’Keefe in Caribbean Hiking, a new book detailing almost 400 books on 30 islands. Filled with regional maps, plus tips on gear and safety, this is the definitive guide for hot-weather adventurers interested in more than sunshine and beaches.

From Bob Friel, Editor, Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine

For those willing to get out of their seaside hammocks, Caribbean Hiking is a helpful all-around guide to the Caribbean—thanks to Tim O’Keefe’s expert knowledge of the region’s best scenic and adventure trails. And if you get lost, the author’s collection of island proverbs will keep you entertained until the search party arrives.

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